All about how Sukitz gives you energy


Sukitz products will perform better than competitive stimulants because of its unique administration of the active substance, ENCAF-caffeine. The active substance ENCAF caffeine is absorbed not only faster, but also more efficiently through intra-oral absorption. Intra-oral absorption is accomplished by simply sucking on the lollipop.

What makes this type of administration of caffeine superior to competitors is that Sukitz Lolipops takes advantage of the venous blood flow of the oral mucosa which streams directly into the superior vena cava and thereafter into blood circulation.

Competitors such as 5 hour energy and redbull require their product to be ingested. In order to reach the blood stream the ingested product is required to transverse not only the gastrointestinal system but also the liver, where it is subject to the body’s metabolic processes. Such processes chemically modify and break down the active substance resulting in a substantial loss of its quantity, greatly influencing its effectiveness. Same adaption effect also by the other ingredients (Taurine, Vitamin B and so on) faster and higher adaption.

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